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Baker's Edge Brownie Pan Lid Baker's Edge Brownie Pan Lid

Edge Brownie Pan Lid
Plain n’ simple – it’s a lid for your Edge Brownie Pan.

  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Keeps your goodies fresher longer.
  • Great when traveling with your Edge Brownie Pan.
  • Can double as a cooling pad – heat resistant to 500° F.

Directions: Align the corner nubs of the lid with the pan corners. Place lid on top of Edge Brownie Pan, and press gently around the top perimeter until you feel the slight snap of the lid locking in place.


Edge Wedge

  • Insert as shown to eliminate one or more baking channels.
  • Bake those smaller 8’ x 8’ recipes at the correct thickness!
  • Can be used to divide the pan into two separate baking areas
    (half chocolate, half vanilla).
  • Draws a definite line between “no nuts” vs “nuts”
    (and other such ingredient disputes).

Directions: Place in pan as shown at desired area. Pour in batter. Bake as normal. The Edge Wedge is made of high heat-resistant silicone (same stuff used to make silicone bakeware). It’s designed to be in the pan while baking.

Baker's Edge Lid and Wedge Kit
Baker's Edge Lid and Wedge
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